Canadian History Topics

1.) The Halifax Explosion

2.) The Saint Roche

3.) The Avro Arrow

4.)Simon Fraser Discovers the Pacific Ocean

5.)Atlantic #3, 1948

6.)The Regina Riots

7)Banting and Best

8.) The Ferian Raids

9.) Terry Fox

10.) Canada's Greatest Athlete

11.) Velcro, a Canadian Invention

12.) The Great Alberta Dinosaur Hunt

13.) Code Word CANLOAN

14.)Peter Pond and the Athabasca Tar Sands

15.) The Commonwealth Air Training Scheme

16.) Anthony Henday's Journeys

17.) Why the Beaver Is Our National Emblem

18.)Albert Johnson, The Mad Trapper

19.)The Sinking of the Caribou

20.)The Sinking of the Ocean Ranger

21.) Extinction of the Beothuk Indians

22.) Vikings in North America

23.) The Papineau Rebellion

24.) The Zipper, Invented in Canada

25.) The Aroostook War

26.) Wartime Conscription

27.) The Demise of Bufallo

28.) Canada's Flag, Protocol and Etiquette

29.) Oak Island

30.) The Voyage of Manhatten

31.) The Northwest Mounted Police, in the beginning

32.)  The Royal Canadian Mounted Police, our national police

33.) The Hudson Bay Company, Fur Trader

34.) The Empire of the Hudson Bay Company

35.) Ypres - First War Bloodbath

36.) The Frank Slide

37.) The Edmonton Grads

38.) The Bluenose

39.) The Lost Lemon Gold Mine

40.) the raid on Dieppe

41.)Igor Gouzenko's effect on Canada

42.) The Caribou Gold Rush

43.) The Yukon Gold 

44.) Lake Agassiz

45.) Vincent Massey

46.) Battle on Lake Ontario

47.) Battle on Lake Erie

48.) The FLQ Crisis

49.) The Hutterites

50.)The Dukhobors

51.) Timothy Eaton

52.) Cyrus Eaton

53.) Trudeaumania

54.) Gilbert Labine

55.) The Ukrainian Immigration

56.) The Bush Pilots

57.)Al Capone's Moose Jaw Connection

58.) How the West was Planned

59.) Doctor Gerald Bull

60.) Dionne Quintuplets

61.) General Brock

62.) The Canadian Pacific Railway, tying Canada together

63.) United Empire Loyalsts

64.) Whooping Cranes, back from extinction

65.) Emily Murphy

66.) Nellie McClung

67.) Tommy Douglas, Father of Medicine

68.) The Person's Case

69.) David Thompson, mapping of the west

70.) War Brides

71.) Patrick Burns

72.) John George Pattison

73.) Residential Schools

74.) First Nations Elders, their stories

75.) Deerfoot, Crowchild, Crowfot

76.) The Bride Ship

77.) Louis Riel and the Metis

78.) Freddie McCall

79.) The Underground Railroad

80.) Slavery in Canada

81.) Canada's Black Loyalists

82.) Lincoln Alexander

83.) John and Margaret Ware

84.) Winnipeg General Strike of 1919

85.) The 1919 flu epedemic

86.) Early days in the Crow's Nest Pass

87.) The 49th parallel, Why There?

88.) The depression in the west

89.)The Franklin Expedition

90.) The Bank of Montreal, Canada's first bank

91.) Camp X

92.) Joey Smallwood bringing Newfoundland into Canada

93.) The Acadians

94.) The Canadian Navy in WW II

95.) Canada's Metis Settlements

96.) Father Lacombe

97.) Cabada's WW II Prison Camps

98.) How we got oh Canada our national anthem

99.) The Black community in Nova Svotia

100.) The War Effort, Woman's Contributions

101.) The Stanley Cup

102.) The Montreal Massacre, 1989

103.) Bible Bill Aberhart

104.) Ann Murray

105.) The Dew Line

106.) The Western Canadian Horticultural Research Stations

107.) Conscription - The Draft in WW II

108.) Our National Parks

109.) Building the CPR

110.) Building the CNR

111.) Emily Carr

112.) The Group of Seven

113.) Building a Highway to Alasaka

114.) Pier 21

115.) Steven Leacock

116.) The De Havilland Beaver Airplane

117.) The Pallister Expedition

118.) Samuel de Champlain

119.) Creating the McIntosh apple

120.) Marconi and the Trans Atlantic Wireless

121.) Building the Welland Canal

122.) Building the St Lawrence Seaway

123.) Les Voyageurs

124.) Canada in the Korean War

125.) Joseph - Armand Bombardier's Snowmonbile

126.) Alberta and Saskastchewan bevoming provinces in 1905

127.) Immigration to Canada a hundred years ago

128.) Banding of wild birds started in Canada

129.) The NHL

130.) The CFL

131.) Grain Elevators on the prairies

132.) The Battle of Passcendale a century ago

133.) The Canadian Census

134.) Prairie Dust storms and why

135.) Indian Treaties

136.) The October Crisis

137.) The Parliament Buildings

138.) The Worlds Peacekeepers

139.) Siege of Quebec

140.) Religious Institutions in Canada

141.) The Canol Pipeline

142.) Tecumsh

143.) Development of Unions in Canada

144.) Battle of Batoche

145.) Are the Arctic Islands Canada's

146.) John McCrae's Poem

147.) The Meech Lake Accord

148.) William McGill

149.) Asael E. Palmer

150.) W.O. Mitchell

Here is a large list of topics that you may wish to pursue for your project. If you want to do the project on a topic that is not included within this list, please feel free. This list is here as a guide to help you generate ideas about potential topics.

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